12 Squares Stardust Melodies Crochet Along [FREE]

The full project consists of 24 patterns. Half of them are absolutely free and all are stunning, sweet, touchable and soft crochet squares like a lullaby of a yarn that can be wrap around loved ones.  Enjoy!

The link to the full article is below.

DESIGNED  by Polly Plum
SKILL LEVEL upper easy

Full article and a free pattern is here


8 thoughts on “12 Squares Stardust Melodies Crochet Along [FREE]

  1. Above mentions 12 Squares Stardust Melodies Crochet Along [FREE] , although link only brings to Ravelry and a $ 17.99 usd charge.

    1. Hi Jeanne, I’ve just checked, the squares are free, it took me to Ravelry and I downloaded all the patterns for free, please let me know if you’ve managed to do that, I will help you if you won’t be able to find it 🙂

        1. Hi Debbie, sure, what do you have problem with? The link to the pattern is under the picture of the blanket, look for “Full article and a free pattern is here” and click the ‘here” word 🙂 Let me know if you’ve got it

  2. Maya – Ravelery is not showing patterns free…we must be missing something. Would appreciate your help – thanks!

    1. Hi Patricia, if you’re talking about the 12 Squares Stardust Melodies, the link to each square is under the pictures in this post, from what I can see, all the patterns for the squares are free 🙂

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