How to EASY Crochet Doily Heart [Free]

Crochet Doily

Hello. This project consists of two ways how to make this amazingly beautiful and useful crochet in a heart shape. The video is not only a tutorial. You can easily make this gorgeous project without any trouble. Watch the video and follow the written instruction in English.  Enjoy!

The link to the full article is below.

DESIGNED  by NotikaLand

The free pattern and tutorial is here


7 thoughts on “How to EASY Crochet Doily Heart [Free]

  1. Can you provdide just written instructions that are not attached to the video? I have to keep stopping the video to either catch up or check my stitches, and it get very confusing.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Marianne, sorry, but we only have the link to video tutorial 🙁 Please contact the author for written instructions. 🙂

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