Dress Baby Girl [Crochet Diagram]

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Designed by: Alena Mordvinova


First DiagramSecond diagram


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  1. So beautiful. I plan to make this pattern for my friend`s baby. And thank you so very much for providing the pattern

  2. Hello
    I am interested in making the white baby girl dress with the red midline and flower. It has a diagram it I’m still learning. Do you possibly have written instructions as well please?

  3. Hi
    Can someone who made this maybe assist with some written instructions for the part from the waist.
    Or how do one contact the author?
    Kind regards

    1. hi Maria, this is a very old pattern that is not available online anymore. All we’ve got are these diagrams. The author is Alena Mordvinova, but it looks like she’s no longer active online.

    1. Hi Lorena! The author is Alena Mordvinova but it seems she isn’t active online anymore. I tried to find the social medias but failed

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