As Time Goes By Crochet Square [FREE]

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Afghan crochet block free pattern
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This beautiful Afghan Crochet Square is number 19th of the amazing Melodies Crochet-Along. Attached pictures present that this project can be made to any size you want. Recommend is a hook 5.5 mm. Enjoy!

The link to the full article is below.

DESIGNED  by Polly Plum
SKILL LEVEL upper easy

 Afghan crochet block free pattern

Full article and a free pattern is here


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  1. I would – Love – to learn this one 🙂 , ( As Time Goes By ) . I was wondering what yarn color’s to get for this – ( Loving the Blue’s in this one !!! )

  2. I’m working on a blanket with this pattern now. Just know that the instructions do NOT tell you how to change your colors to get this effect. I’m using my colors differently and getting a very different, but beautiful effect with this square as well. To get this effect, use 4 colors in this order: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4, Color 3, Color 2, Color 1, Color 2, etc.

    I used my colors as follows: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4, Color 1, color 2, Color 3, Color 4, etc… It is a completely different effect that I’m hoping my granddaughter will love. But I may come back to this square to do what is shown here. Maybe in peaches and tans.

  3. Is there a video of someone doing this somewhere? I’m new to crocheting, I watch videos to learn patterns. I’d love to do this pattern with the new ombre yarn I have!

  4. I’m currently making the As Time Goes By blanket. I’m so confused right now. I want to continue to make it bigger! I have the 16 row square finished. Do I do row repeats how do I continue. Thanks.

    1. Hi Peggy! It’s an 9 inch square with Aran or Worsted Weight yarn and I/5.5 mm hook. Did you get this size? Nevertheless, when you assemble many small squares in such a modern design, you’ll get a beautiful piece!

    2. Hi Peggy, I’ve done this pattern to a 16 inch square. Unfortunately I cannot read crochet patterns to save my life, I followed her video tutorial on youtube and managed to figure out pretty intuitively how the pattern grows. Maybe this explanation will help: the chevrons alternate between the short / double crochet ones and the long / treble kind. Whenever you have 11 single crochets between the double crochets at the center of your work, start a treble crochet chevron on your next round (i.e work round 9 onwards).

      When you have 5 single crochets between the trebles at the center of your work, start a double crochet chevron on your next round (ie work round 13 onwards). Keep working this way until your work reaches the size you want, then work the decrease row and the final row of plain single crochets. I hope this helps. Happy crocheting!

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