The Great Pink Panther Free Amigurumi no longer available

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What is the best way to crochet amigurumi Pink Panther?

One of the friends asked me to try making them their niece a Pink Panther. It’s been my attempt. I assume he looks a bit like Pink Panther’s Tigger crossed. I still believe it was very successful anyway. I share it now with you all!

You do not use my yarn and hook sizes recommendations. When making a larger doll, using a bigger hook with a thicker yarn.
Good crocheting! Good crocheting!




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  1. I cannot find the pattern anywhere…. The link below the picture just leads you to a place where u buy other patterns…. ?

  2. Why is the pink panther no longer available for free? Omg , Saaaaad, I was SOOOOO looking forward to it!?

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