The Emigrants Crochet Throw with Free Pattern

a crocheted afghan with red, grey and black stripes.
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The exciting written blanket can be made by mostly everyone skill level crocheter, because it’s not difficult, available in both Swedish and American terms. This blanket can be customized to any size. The full article with the link to the free pattern is below. 

DESIGNED by ByMimzan
CRAFT crochet

The link to the full article and free crochet pattern is here 

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The link to the full article and free crochet pattern is here


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  1. I love the Emigrant’s crochet throw. However, what does “nr” mean in the pattern? And it would be helpful to know what the colors are actually called as the numbers provided for the Scheepjes yarn do not match any numbers for that yarn in Canada. If I interpret the concept of the fields correctly, does that mean that there are 15 sections of rows 1-15 each, where one changes colors? Thank you from Canada.

    1. Hi Shirley! We are so glad to know that you like the pattern! However, when it comes to any guidance on the design, technique or anything related to the pattern itself, the best would be to contact the designer directly, as we are only sharing their creative work. The link to the designer’s site can be found under the pattern’s picture. They are always very helpful and we are sure you will find a support you need.

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