Squared Diamond Crochet Granny Throw

You should know about this project pretty well because of its many repetitions, granny square belongs to useful and practical, it makes glade every crocheter, and have to be made at least one time. This is a good opportunity to start. Enjoy!

The link to a full article with the pattern is bellow. 

DESIGNED   by Chris Apao
CRAFT crochet

© cablesqueen

DESIGNED by Jen Tyler
CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL beginner


Click on this link to read the full post and get a free pattern. Check out on the Ravelry. The Shannon Thompson’s granny version is here

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12 thoughts on “Squared Diamond Crochet Granny Throw

  1. While I do appreciate Chris Apao making this a free pattern,I found it very hard to understand what she was talking about or reffering to in the pattern.(it wasn’t making any sense).
    However I did find on youtube FIBERSPIDER’S video tutorial of this pattern&he breaks it down section by section and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I like the fact that he takes his time to help you! Look for Kalediscope granny on FIBERSPIDER’S youtube channel.

    1. Thank you! That is so lovely of you. Have fun with the crochet work, we are sure your grand daughters will enjoy such an amazing gift!

    1. Hi Emily! Please follow the link under the photo to the pattern’s blog post where you can find detailed description of the technique and materials used in the project.

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