SharonBlignaut’s Crochet Block a Week CAL 2014 Free

a bed with a blue and white crocheted blanket.
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This stunning project was created by Sharon Blignaut basing on great idea Block a Week CAL 2014. This project counts thousands of followers and hundreds of realizations. We present this one like the most representative and spectacular. Enjoy!

The link to the pattern is below.

CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL intermediate

photo by Sharon Blignaut /

Find this free crochet pattern on, or see the version pictured above on


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  1. Hi I’ve got the free CAL but the squares in the picture don’t seem to be shown. Is the picture something different?

    1. Hey Anne, it’s definitely the same project. Not all of the squares are available for free after the CAL has ended, though, maybe that’s why you can’t find them?

  2. Is there any chance of getting the colors of blues that were used for this blanket, it is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Hi SharonBlignaut, is this pattern still available for free? I can’t find it anywhere on here.. I’ve scrolled all the way down.

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