Sensation Crochet Baby Blanket no longer available

a pink and yellow crocheted afghan on a yoga mat.
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The pattern of this project belongs to easy and quick, but you need to keep attention to follow up. The final effect looks gorgeous using or more stunning colours – cakes, long gradient, or ombre.  It’s better to choose busy instead of block yarn.

The full article with the link to the free pattern is below. 

DESIGNED  by Daiga Talentiene
PROJECT TYPE  baby Blanket
CRAFT crochet

The link to the full article and free crochet tutorial is here

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The link to the full article and crochet pattern is here


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  1. You post this is a free pattern, then when you finally get to the pattern you have to pay for it. Why not just come out and say you have to purchase it?

  2. I took all this time to find out it’s not free! You should have stated the tutorial was free not the pattern! I do not do tutorials.

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