Sand Dunes Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

a knitted blanket with a pattern on it.
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This lovely knitted blanket will be a great baby shower gift, or a precious heirloom item. It features moss stitch border and decorative diamond heart pattern.

  • DESIGNED by Inna Tychinina
  • PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
  • CRAFT knitting
  • SKILL LEVEL intermediate

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photo by Samra /

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  1. There is an error in the pattern. Some of the lines are 23 rather than 22 stitches.
    Row 1: p,yo,k2ttbl,k3,k2t,k3,yo,k,yo,k3,k2ttbl,k3,k2t,yo
    Row 3: p2,yo,k2ttbl,k1,k2t,k3,yo,k,p,k,yo,k3,k2ttbl,k,k2t,yo,p
    Row 11: p,k2t,k3,yo,k,yo,k2ttbl,k,yo,k,yo,k,k2t,yo,k,yo,k3,k2ttbl

  2. Thank you for putting the correction. I had to tink the 1st row twice thinking I did something wrong.

  3. Would someone mind writing out Row 11, with the correction please? I keep making an error and not able to figure out why! I’d really appreciate it, Thank you!!

    1. hi Ashley, please follow the links below the bottom photo to get in touch with the author of the original pattern.

  4. I’m also a little unclear what is meant when it says ‘knit as you see’ for the even numbered rows…..

    1. Hi Ellie, the pattern is linked below the picture. The original site is not in English unfortunately, but with a use of website translator you can manage to follow the crochet information indicated there. We hope you will manage to crochet this style and enjoy it!

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