Easy Puff Crochet Flower for Beginners Free Pattern and Tutorial

A series of photos showing different colors of crocheted pom poms.
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Today we will learn a pretty puff stitch. You can decorate your scarf or sweater with that puff or use for any other work. You can also make a piece joining your puffs together!

Designed by Príncipe del Crochet


  • a cotton yarn
  • crochet hook bigger than recommended for your yarn

Stitches used:

  • a chain(s) – ch(s)
  • a slip stitch – sl st
  • a double treble crochet – dtr
  • a yarn over – yo



[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOBVtHs8xlQ”]

R1: Make 5 chs and close them with a slip stitch forming a circle.


R2: Make 5 chs that will represent 1 dtr, and work 17 dtr (1 dtr = 3 yo,




introduce the hook into the circle from the 1st Round making a yo and close each 2 yo together).



Work 3rd dtr (make 3 yo, make 1 yo through the circle and close 2 by 2):



Keep working until having 18 dtr in total including 5 chs:



Close the Round with a sl st introducing the hook in the 5th chain from the beginning of this Round.

R3: Make 3 chs.


Now we will be working dc all the Round but closing 2 by 2. Work 2 dc (1 dc in 1 st from the base)



and close them 2 by 2:



Make 1 dc in the next st from the base and go thought 2 yo with the hook. Make yo and work 1 dc in the next st from the base and go through 2 yo with the hook.



Now close both dc together going through the 3 yo with your hook.



Make 2 more dc in next 2 st from the base and close them 2 by 2 the same way.

The completed Round should look like following:




Close that Round with a sl st in the 3rd ch:



R4: Work 1 sl st in each stitch from the base all the Round (9 sl st in total):



The puff flower is now ready! Once you understand the pattern, it’s not that hard!


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