Over the Rainbow Bridge Crochet Blanket with Free Patern

a rainbow crocheted pillow on a chair.
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A gorgeous crochet blanket full name sounds: Meandering Paw Prints over the Rainbow Bridge, looks challenging but is really easy. Combination of coloured columns can be changed. Easy to do.

The full article with the link to the free pattern is below.  

DESIGNED  by Amy Brewer and Doug Speeckaert

The link to the full article and the pattern is here

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The link to the full article and the pattern is here


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  1. I am working on the Rainbow Bridge Afghan. My rows are not coming as described. My beginning row is 160. After completing rows 1 thru 5, I am ending up with 150 stitches. So obviously, the row 6 is not right. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Hi Nicki, We always recommend to contact the pattern designer directly as they are very eager to help with their projects. Hope you will sort it out!

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