Grinch Inspired C2C Crochet Scarf Free

a crocheted scarf with a santa hat on it.
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C2C crochet is known very well, this technique allows for making blankets, pillows, afghans, and many other projects. This scarf is easy to do.

The full article with the link to the free pattern is below.  

DESIGNED by Jasmine Kennon

A crocheted scarf with a santa hat on it.

The link to the full article is here.

DESIGNED by Ashlea Konechy

The link to the full article is here.

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The link to the full article and free pattern is here


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  1. You don’t have to print out the patterns, just use CleanPrint and it makes it into a pdf right on your computer. She did take it down for a legitimate reason, not to be mean. She was doing the right thing. There are also other free grinch patterns (a kleenex box, other scarves,) that have basically the same face. So very easy to do. It’s the time of year to be extra kind, please keep that in mind. 🙂

  2. Was planning on making this for my daughter and can only work on it when she is at work. When I tried to get the pattern as previously shown, I was greatly disappointed not to find it.

  3. Sarcastic remarks about this issue really are out of place. The pattern was removed due to possible copyright infringement, and as such, you should be thanking the person for being responsible and not wanting to infringe on the intellectual property of someone else. They are following the law. That being said. you can look at the picture and figure out how to do the face. There are other versions of “grinch” type eyes on the internet…just find one and use it. The person who took the pattern down was being an adult, and they don’t need to be derided for acting responsibly.

  4. Search for it, the pattern is still out there. You don’t have to be so nasty! It’s her pattern, if she chooses to take it down or move it to another site or wants to sell it that’s her right.

  5. I picked a stitch-C2C was too confusing and I am impatient. I picked the bubble stitch and just followed the picture. It really came out quite cute! I did the eyes & nose in cotton yarn. Again, I faked the pattern-magic circle and ad lib rest. I will try to write down what I did and submit it

  6. So is this pattern not available to print ?
    Is it free?

    No instructions

    I bought one somewhere but can’t find email

    1. Hi Diane, the best would be to contact the pattern designer directly in case of any project-related questions. Her site is

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