Granny Shapes Crochet Ideas

Granny Shapes Crochet Ideas

Granny stitch is one of those universal patterns that can be used in many ways. It’s easy to learn and you can make it in many different shapes and sizes. Small squares can be used as a table decorations such as napkins, or you can make it bigger creating for example a blanket.

They can have a beautiful flower in the middle that would be perfect to place your cup of tea there! You can also leave the center of your work without flowers if you are planning to make something simpler. It will definitely bring some folklore to your home, maybe even bringing back warm memories of the Sunday dinners at your grandma’s house! Take a look at examples below and search for links to free patterns under the pictures.

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Bobble Drops Solid Granny

This lovely project is 4″ x 4″, which makes the perfect base for a blankie, bed cape, coaster and many more projects! Try going for different color combinations to make this one even more unique!

  • DESIGNED by Erangi Udeshika
  • PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL upper beginner

Photo is by Erangi Udeshika /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about this version on Ravelry.

Granny Star Motif Free Crochet Pattern

Little, adorable crocheted stars will make perfect decorations for the nursery, living room, or your table. You can join them together and make a cute garland out of it, or even a blanket.

  • DESIGNED by Crochet Me Lovely
  • PROJECT TYPE afghan block
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

PHOTOS by: Crochet Me Lovely

Go to the pattern: Granny Star Motif

Crochet Flower Granny Square Motif

Small granny squares look great as a table accessory. If you want to create something bigger, you can always join the squares to make a blanket!

  • DESIGNED by Notikaland
  • PROJECT TYPE square
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Go to the pattern: Crochet Flower Granny Square Motif

Granny Heart Purse

As you can see, granny doesn’t have to be square – you can always change the shape of the work. Look how pretty it is! Heart shaped piece isn’t much more difficult to make than the basic square one!

  • DESIGNED by daisy cottage designs
  • PROJECT TYPE heart / purse
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Go to the pattern: Granny Heart Purse

Daisy Garden or Daisy Meadow Baby Blanket

This pretty blanket, fresh as a summer daisy, is perfect for children or children. Crochet it, whether it is shown in bright shades or in softer colours. Then add a ruffle to the perfect finish!

Daisy Meadow Baby Blanket, photo by Sam Roberts

Get the free pattern of Daisy Garden Blanket or Daisy Meadow Baby Blanket

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