Golden Flower Stitch

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golden flower stitchMaterials:
Twine Baroque 9202 – Red
Twine Baroque 9368 – Yellow
Crochet needle 3.0mm
Needle upholsterer number 14

01 Make a magic ring and after holding go up with two chains to match a high point.

golden flower stitch-1

02 – Make two high points, contact the repentes have 3 highlights

golden flower stitch-2 03 – Suba 6 chains

04 – In the third stream back secure with babissimo point.

05 – Make 3 more very low points coming in the little chain and reach give base

golden flower stitch-6

06 – Wrap the thread the needle and make 3 more high points, see that we have a ready cabinho, repeat the same procedure until 8 cabinhos to have a flower with eight petals.
golden flower stitch-707 – Ending the eighth cabinho do not need to highlight, simply hold with very low point at the top of the point where inicianlqs. Now pull the line of the magic ring to close the heart of the flower, do not cut the line goes, we cast off later.

golden flower stitch-8 08 – Remove the line angolinha and turn the flower in back, look at the following photos and see which introduced the needle into the inside out exactly where is passing the line to pull the angolinha to the back of the flower. See that line the magic and still there and no finish yet…

golden flower stitch-8a see detail in front does not know where to finish the eighth cabinho, our line is all back there.

golden flower stitch-9

09 – Take two cabinho lines on the back along with ringlet and put a low point.

golden flower stitch-10 10 – Make 4 correntnhas and secure two-line following the stalk, so we have a handle to make the leaves

golden flower stitch-11 11. Repeat for you to have 8 handles, cut the line and with the help of a light upholsterer needle to nail to the line that was left of the magic ring. Now you can fasten the two together

Always hide the tips slightly in the core of the flower for later cut.
golden flower stitch-11c

so is the first part.

golden flower stitch-11d


12 – Now with the line in the mixed yellow, secure with babco point at the height of the base of the middle between a stalk and others.

golden flower stitch-12

13 – Movers caloinho make half high.

golden flower stitch-14

14- Make 3 high points still rising …

golden flower stitch-15

15. At the end of the stalk make 6 highlights pua be rounded.

golden flower stitch-16

16 – down now make 3 highlights followed by a half high.

golden flower stitch-17golden flower stitch-18

17 – At the height of base is in the middle of the two gift cabinhos with point babo, shakes the procedure in the following cabinhos to the other petals.

golden flower stitch-18

Expects that you have been able to do, be sure to show the result! If you have questions feel free To questions.

golden flower stitch-19


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