The upper part of the model consists of flower Motives. Connected to each other in
Last row. Each motif is knitted Separately (scheme 1). Tie one motive for the sample. Steer away. Dry it. Make a calculation of the number of motives for its size. If the width of the product. Does not match the required dimensions. Try changing the hook or yarn. Crochet the top part of the backrest from the motifs. Connecting them together, as shown in scheme 2. Connect the shelves, connecting them with a back on lateral and humeral seams.The underside of the cardigan is straight canvas without seams according to scheme 4 desired length. For sleeves, tie elements from floral motifs. Then weave the canvas by the scheme 3. uniformly adding c both sides of the hinge to expand the sleeve. Arm the edge of the sleeve according to the scheme 4, creating a small mite. Shelves and neck cardigan with a decorative border In the memory of the First Priest Openwork ties.

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