Flower Shape Square Free Crochet Pattern + Tutorial

Today we will present you a nice and useful pattern. A single work can be used for small things, like a table runner, you join several works together you can make a kitchen or bathroom curtain or a blanket from it – you can really use it as you want!



  • a crochet hook – 2,5 mm
  • a cotton yarn – you can choose the colour that you wish

Stitches used:

  • a magic ring – MR
  • a chain(s) – ch(s)
  • a double crochet – dc
  • a slip stitch – sl st
  • a single crochet – sc
  • a yarn over – yo

The base of the pattern

R1: Let’s start with a MR and make 4 chs.


*Work 1 dc and 1 ch* rep. 11 times to have 12 dc in total with a separation ch between each double crochet. Pull the yarn to close the MR and join both sides of it with a sl st.


The lace flower pattern

R2: Now we will be working on the groups of dc. Enter a separation ch between two double crochets with a sl st and make 3 chs that will represent a dc. Work 2 dc without closing them (there will be 3 dc in total in the same stitch) and then close them together. Make 3 chs of separation. Now we have the 1st group of dc.

*Work 3 dc in the next ch from the base (R1) and close them together with the 3rd ch of separation from the previous group of dc, make 3 chs of separation* rep. 10 more times to have 12 groups of dc in total.

Close the Round with a sl st. Make another sl st in a space between stitches.

R3: Make 6 chs – the 1st one will represent 1 sc and the remaining 5 will form an arch between the spaces – make 1 sc in the next space to close the arch.

Make 5 chs and work 1 sc in the next space (making another arch) and continue the same way to complete the Round. Close the Round the the 1st ch that represented 1 sc with a sl st.

The square shape

R4: Enter one of the arches with a sl st and make 3 chs that represent 1 dc. Work 4 dc to have 5 dc in total. Make 4 chs and 5 dc in the same space. *Enter another space with 1 sc and make 5 chs. Then close the arch in the next space with 1 sc. Work 5 dc. Make 4 chs and work 5 more dc in the same space.* rep. the same way to complete the Round. Close the sound with a sl st in the 3rd chs out of three made on the beginning of that Round.

How to join the patterns

In order to join two works together stitch 3 spaces from one side of one work with the second work. You can do it only if you don’t complete one of the sides of one of the works. The first work is orange and the second work is blue. The blue work will have 1 side unfinished. In that side make only 2 chs (not 4) and join them with the space of one of the corners of the orange work. Make a yo in that space and make 2 chs (to have 4 chs in total counting with the other work). Than make 5 dc in the blue work. Make 1 sc in the next arch of the blue work.

Make 3 chs (not 5). Make a yo in the middle space of the side of the orange work and continue making chains (to have 5 in total). Make 1 sc in the next arch of the blue work. Work 5 dc in the next space of the blue work and make 2 chs. Make 1 yo in the other corner space of the orange work and make 2 more chs to have 4 chs in total. Work 5 dc. Make 1 sc in the next arch of the blue work and make 5 chs. Close the arch with a sc in the next arch and close the Round with a sl st.

This is how the finished piece looks like:

This is how two pieces look joined together like:

With a little practice you will be able to make big works using this pattern, it’s good to start first with small ones – they are also really beautiful and not that hard to make!

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