Easy Knitting Kimono Free Patterns

two pictures of a woman wearing a knitted cardigan.
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These two cute cardigans or knitting kimonos are super pretty and stunning, especially fun to knit becasue you can get to play around with many favourite colours and knitting stitch patterns. In first Monaco the variety of mutli stitches available an amazing visual effect, and the texture is super nice. Works very simply and quickly. The second one Reika is a completely different style and idea, but this is why we suggest to compare both, one of them for sure you would like. This Kimono is intended to fit with two-four inches of positive ease.


The link to the full article is below.

Monaco Kimono

DESIGNED by mamainastitch


The link to the full article is here

Reika Cardigan Kimono

DESIGNED  by Amy Gunderson
SKILL LEVEL upper easy

The link to the full article is here


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