Easy Flower Square Free Crochet Pattern

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How to crochet a granny square.
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Today’s pattern is an original square work, which can be used as a table runner or a cup mat. It can be also a decoration on the wall or you can join the squares to make a blanket.

Designed by HANDWORK DIY.

Materials used

  • a medium weight yarn of the orange, blue and purple colour
  • a crochet hook of 4,5 mm

Stitches used:

  • a Magic Ring – MR
  • a chain(s) – ch(s)
  • a double crochet – dc
  • a slip stitch – sl st
  • a half double crochet – hdc
  • a treble crochet – trc

The middle circle

R1: Start with a MR and make 2 chs. Work 15 dc in the middle of the MR and close it with a sl st. Cut the yarn and loose it to the back of the work.

The inside flower

R2: Now we will be working in the place of a sl st with the blue yarn. Make 1 ch and 3 hdc in the same place without closing them separately – and then close them altogether. *Make 1 ch. Work 3 hdc in the next stitch from the base and close them together with a previous ch* rep. until completing the Round but leave the last ch from the base without stitching. Make 1 ch. Close the Round with a sl st (but not in the ch but in the hdc). Cut the yarn and hide it.

The corners

R3: Incorporate the purple yarn. Work 2 chs that will represent 1st hdc and work 3 hdc and close them together to make a bobble stitch. Make 3 chs.


*Work 4 hdc in the space between 2 bobble stitches and close them together and work 2 chs* rep. until reaching half of the round in order to create the first corner. Make 3 chs instead of 2 in the end. Continue working the bobble stitches to complete the Round and create the second corner and close the Round with a sl st. In each side of the square, there are 4 bobble stitches. Cut the yarn and hide it.


Take the orange yarn and make 4 ch in the corner and work 2 trc. Work 3 dc in the next space. Work 3 trc in the next space. Work 3 dc in the next space. Work 3 trc in the next space. Make 3 chs and work 3 trc in the same space to create a corner. Continue the same way to complete the round. Remember to complete the 1st corner by making 3 trc in the same space. Make 1 ch and close the Round with a sl st.


If you want to add more Rounds you can continue in the same corner, remembering to keep the same pattern for each corner. You can add stitches in the spaces in between the groups of 3 trc or dc or simple stitch in every stitch of the base.


I hope that the instructions inspired you to make your own patterns. You can play with colours and make your own art work!

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