Easy Chunky Poncho Two Rectangles Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

This stunning Crocheted Chunky poncho designed by Tejiendo Peru team. The project consists entirely of 2 rectangles only in sizes: S, M, L. It’s quite easy for beginners and works up fast. Very effective and elegant.

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DESIGNED  by Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas
CRAFT crochet

Translated and developed by PATTERN CENTER


  • Thick wool yarn of various colours


  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook of 8 mm
  • Straight needle

Stitches used:

  • Ch st
  • Tr Tr
  • Puff st
  • Sl st
  • Dc

Pattern samples

Start with a slip knot. Work 13 chs.

R1: 2 chs, *1 tr tr in 1 ch* rep. 12 times. (12)

R2: Turn the work over, 2 chs, 1 ch, sk 1 ch, 1 dc, *1 chs, 1 ch, sk 1 ch, 1 dc* rep. 5 times. (18)

R3: Turn the work over, 2 chs, *sk 1 ch from R2, 1 dc in the dc from R2, 1 ch, 4 hdc in the body of dc, 1 ch (puff st), sk 1 ch from R2, 1 dc in the dc from R2* rep. 3 times. (25)

R4: Turn the work over, work 2 chs, *1 ch, 1 dc in the puff st, 1 ch, 1 dc in the dc from R3* rep. 3 times. (32)

2 rectangles, each round – size S, M, L

Size S: 86 chs, 18 Rounds

Size M: 93 chs, 20 Rounds

Size L: 101 chs, 22 Rounds

R1, R2 – dc

R3 – lace st

R4 – dc

R5 – lace st

R6 – puff st

R7 – lace st

R8, R9 – dc

R10 – lace st

R11 – puff st

R12 – lace st + dc

R13 – lace st

R14, R15 – dc

R16 – puff st

R17 – lace st

R18 – dc – last R of S size

R19 – lace st – M size

R20 – dc – M size

R19 – lace st – L size

R20 – puff st – L size

R21 – lace st – L size

R22 – dc – L size


Stitching both rectangles

Pair both rectangles and fold in halfs.

Use the needle. Stitch both sides chs with each other, stitch until leaving 22 cm for the neck, sl st.

Repeat the same for the back of the poncho.

Sides of the poncho

Stitch 5 cm of the poncho from both sides


Bottom of the poncho

Attach a bunch of yarns as a decoration in each ch

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