Colorful Reptiles Amigurumi

Colorful Reptiles Amigurumi With Free Patterns

Who said that reptiles are scary? With these amazing crochet ideas you can create one that will be cheerful and friendly. Big squishy gecko will be a great gift for any kid, especially one that is interested in wildlife. Alligator pencil case can become best friend for school days and very fun accessory – I am sure other kids will ask for one, too! Play with colors of yarn with these projects, because the possibilities are endless! Along with some other amigurumi designs you can create a whole zoo for your kids or grandkids. They will love playing with these toys! Search for links to free patterns under the pictures below.



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Mister Snaps Free Crochet Pattern

This alligator will happily eat all your pens and pencils! Make a bunch in different colors and gift them to kids in your family.


DESIGNED by Irene Strange
PROJECT TYPE amigurumi, pencil case

CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL upper beginner

Go to the pattern:

Mister Snaps

Gecko Frecko Free Crochet Pattern

This amazing gecko will be truly unique, especially if you decorate it with beads and little gems.


DESIGNED by Raphaela Blumenbunt
PROJECT TYPE amigurumi

CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL intermediate

Go to the pattern: Gecko Frecko

Clyde the Chameleon Amigurumi

OK, this is an extremely fun crochet amigurumi pattern that you can do literally everything with. Charlyn Smith has given us an opportunity to try all the colorful yarns that are available on the market by creating a limitless number of cute little chameleons. All green, matching the rainbow, beige like your favorite sweater, starry like darkest night. You can do literally whatever you want with this design and you are encouraged to!

  • DESIGNED by Charlyn Smith
  • THIS VERSION is by WhiteWolfsStudio
  • PROJECT TYPE amigurumi
  • CRAFT crochet                                                                                                      
  • SKILL LEVEL intermediate

Photos by WhiteWolfsStudio /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Kyle the Crocodile

Kyle the amigurumi crocodile might not exactly be from Tunisia, but Elisa’s Crochet has created him using the Tunisian crochet technique. With such history and provenience, Kyle for sure is an interesting pattern to follow. He is also super duper cute and adorable with his little scarf and an adorable look on his not scary face. He will be a great kid’s companion and a bodyguard if there’s any bad dream coming when he is snuggling in the bed.

  • DESIGNED by Elisa’s Crochet
  • PROJECT TYPE amigurumi
  • CRAFT crochet                                                                                                      
  • SKILL LEVEL intermediate

Photos by Elisa’s Crochet /

Find original free pattern on


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