DIY decorations that will make Children’s Day special

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Children’s Day is fast approaching but there is still time to prepare decorations which will make your kids smile when they wake up on 1st June! The current lockdown doesn’t give them too many reasons to celebrate so let’s make this day a very special one!

Unforgettable Children’s Day requires unforgettable decorations. The good news is that you can make them on your own at home. You can also invite your kids to join you to involve them in preparations and keep excited about the special day. You don’t need to be a designer to change your living room into an amazing fairy place. Check out our ideas, add your creativity and the wow effect is guaranteed!

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Balloon garland

Decorate your living room or staircase with a fantastic and colorful balloon garland. It will make any interior look very special. To prepare it you just need to inflate balloons and tie them together using a twine or a ribbon. Tie them tightly and alternate colors and sizes to achieve a truly remarkable decoration!

Take a look at the photo below, where you can see an example of a stunning white balloon garland photographed by Heather Renee. Don’t you think this weaved in greenery looks magical?

white balloon garland over the table

photo by Heather Renee Photography /

Full free tutorial and more photos can be found here – How to DIY a Balloon Garland by Kara Woolery.

Ceiling decoration

Now this is something really cool and exciting. Your living room can become your kids’ universe if you decorate it with a lot of stars and planets made of paper. You just need to cut out stars and circles of different sizes and colors and attach them to a string or a ribbon. Stick the other part of the ribbon to the ceiling, using a bit of blue tack. If your child is more of a princess than of an astronaut, you can do the same with flowers, clouds, crowns and so on. Hang them at different heights so that kids will try to reach for some of them. I promise, they’ll love it!

In the pictures below you can see a beautiful example of an easy garland you can make with an old sewing machine and felt scraps, created by Barbara Rucci from

colorful felt garland

photo by Barbara Rucci /

Full free tutorial and more photos can be found here – Mini Felt Garland by Barbara Rucci.

Hand-imprints on the doors

You will definitely need help with this one! You can even plan it as one of the Children’s Day activities. Prepare paper and paints that are safe for kids. Paint hands of your little ones (and yours as well) and make imprints on colorful paper. You can also draw the contours of their hands and cut them out. Attach all those hands of different sizes and colors to your front door. Or place them on the floor in random places. Kids will have fun just by following them. 

As you can see in the photos below, possibilities are endless! Draw some inspiration from fantastic ideas by talented designers: Arty Crafty Kids and Keepsakes by Rebecca.

hand imprints on the canvas

top photo by Arty Crafty Kids /

bottom photo by Keepsakes by Rebecca /

If you like the tree idea, check out Four Season Handprint Tree for instructions and more photos. Tutorials for all seasons are available for free.

A cosy hideout

No matter the age, all kids love to have their own space. And the more inconvenient this space is for us, the better it seems to be for them! Make a one-day exception for this year’s Children’s Day and prepare a hideout in a corner of your living room. Take out your sheets and hang them on chairs or over a table. Or somewhere you normally don’t allow your kids to play. And prepare a picnic inside – a proper one, with a tablecloth and plates. Let them have fun even when they need to stay indoors. 

Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home decided that they want to make a teepee for their kids, and they did! As you can see in the photos below, it looks absolutely epic!

tent indoors

photos by Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home /

For more informations, photos and full step-by-step journey of building it, visit their post – A No Sew Teepee.

Face masks

Children love to dress up! If you provide them with a few face masks, they will play with them all day long. You just need to halve paper plates, cut out holes for eyes, stick a straw on one side (so that kids can carry them easily) and decorate them as you wish. Make one for a princess, one for a pirate and one for a knight. Display them so that kids can grab them whenever they want. Put on one of them too and have fun together!

In the post by Andie Huber & Olivia Van Iderstine from you will find not one, but the whole bunch of tutorials for these cute animal plate masks. Take a look at the photo below – which one do you like best?

colorful plate face masks

photos by Daniel Montoya /

For more photos and free tutorials, see this article – DIY Halloween Masks.


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