Celtic Crochet Afghan FREE

a white knitted afghan on a wooden deck.
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This spectacular and valued crochet afghan has reached a very high position among of crochet projects. The useful, elegant and solid blanket must be done by every self-respecting crochet crafter.  The link to the free pattern is below.

DESIGNED by Lion Brand Yarn
PROJECT TYPE amigurumi
CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL upper easy

© NansMamaRed

The link to the free pattern is here


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  1. In the celtic afgan what kind and color yarn is used? In the pattern it is gray. I want the beige color.
    Thank you

  2. I am not thrilled that I have to open a PDF reader file on my laptop just to sese a pattern that ends up getting marked out by all the adds so I cannot see it anyways. Can you PLEASE send me printable patterns that are NOT on PDF format? Having to open up 5 different browsers just to get to the pattern itself is ridiculous and honestly just aggravates me and makes it so I don’t want to use your page or your patterns. Its almost as bad as someone you puts out a recipe but makes you go through the entire life story of how they got that recipe before sharing it. I KNOW how aggravating that is to everyone – so why do these pages make us jump through hoops to get a patterns that’s already free? By the way – those adds that pop up regardeless if you have pop up blocked on your computer – are viruses – it needs to stop.

    1. Hi Katherine. We understand your frustration, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are not in charge of the patterns themselves, those are created and edited by the crochet designers. The link to the website with the pattern is always mentioned under the picture. You can there reach out to the designer with your issues, suggestions and questions. Thank you for your understanding!

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