Blue Knitted Baby Blankets

Blue Knitted Baby Blankets

Blue Knitted Baby Blankets


Blue is the color of the sky and the water, it is associated with calmness and has soothing qualities. If you are looking for an inspiration to create amazing handmade accessory for the nursery, blue is the perfect color, both for girls and boys. Don’t be constrained by stereotypes regarding color schemes, there are no such rules in modern fashion! This color has so many different hues – you can go for soft baby blue or deep ocean blue. Try out ombre and multi-color yarns for additional effects. Remember to use soft yarn that is recommended for contact with baby skin. It’s important for the safety of your little one. Take a look at examples below and search for links to free patterns under the pictures.



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Cuddly Knit Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

This cool knitted blanket has diagonal structural stripes which make it look really interesting.


DESIGNED by Sandi Rosner
PROJECT TYPE baby blanket

CRAFT knitting
SKILL LEVEL upper beginner

Go to the pattern: Cuddly Knit Baby Blanket

Laurance Blanket

Baby blanket perfection is in Vicky Chan’s pattern. This blanket has been designed to be a light and soft layer of comfort. The key is to create it so thin that it feels like a cloud, but as it is made with high quality natural fiber yarn the baby will always be toasty warm under it. Delicate decorative motif adds that to the ethereal feeling of the design. 

  • DESIGNED by Vicky Chan
  • PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
  • CRAFT knit
  • SKILL LEVEL intermediate

Photos by Vicki Chan Designs /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Ash Bark Blanket

Not sure what astonishes us the most in this baby blanket by Julia Adams Patterns. Is it the ashy blue color of the yarn that was used for creating it, or is it a delicate yet strong diamond pattern? The sure thing is that joined together in one amazing knitting pattern they become a knitted superstar. Knit it for a baby shower and you will steal the show with a gift that’s beautiful and functional.

  • DESIGNED by Julia Adams Patterns
  • PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
  • CRAFT knit
  • SKILL LEVEL intermediate

Photos by Julia Adams Patterns /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.



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