“BLUE JEAN BABY” Crochet Poncho [FREE]

This amazing crochet poncho idea, using fabulous shell stitch which achives this project perfectly.  The colors are stunning and the drape is cute! It’s great with boots and jeans when there is a need for a little warmth,  but this is really very comfortable.  Enjoy!

DESIGNED by Simple Things Crochet / Tia Edwards


You can find this free pattern on simplethingscrochet.com, or purchase ad-free PDF on ravelry.com.



4 thoughts on ““BLUE JEAN BABY” Crochet Poncho [FREE]

  1. Carmenpp said, ” I love pnchos, especially the Blue Jean Baby. May I have the pattern?” I also would like a link to the pattern, as I don’t see one on the page. Thsnks!

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