The Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

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A collage of the best ergonomic crochet hooks.
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You do not have to suffer during crocheting thanks to the best ergonomic crochet hooks. We are having a look at the finest tools you can get to help you fight that fatigue in your hands and wrists. Because handcraft should be a pure pleasure, there is no need to experience pain or risk injuries. Have a look with us on how to make your crocheting more comfortable with every loop you make.

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Advantages of an Ergonomic Hook

The popular opinion is that the ergonomic hooks are created for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or general fatigue when handcrafting. In fact, those tools are designed to prevent you from suffering from hours spent on your DIY projects. It is worth investing in the best ergonomic crochet hooks before first syndromes of any trouble may occur, just to avoid getting any serious orthopedic issue.

What an ergonomic needle really is

We have already established that an ergonomic crochet hook is a tool that should have its place in your collection. Let’s now find out what actually such a needle is. 

The classic crochet needle is a straight and sleek tool that is not really adjusted to all the curves and the characteristics of a human hand. The subject of this article is a tool that was designed to fit your hand and fingers perfectly, like it has been a part of your body already.

The design of the hook may slightly differ, but the general rule is always the same. As the name reveals, this crochet device’s purpose is to be ergonomic with your hand shape and movements made. You may see there are several types of ergonomic hooks out there, so let’s have a look at the three main types to get to know your weapon of choice better.


Three main ergonomic hooks types

The first, most iconic ergonomic hook is a bulky, bauble-like one. It is usually made in wood or resin, very often in fantastic fun colorways. The characteristic of this needle is its thickness and easy to grab body. It also has many indentations that help keep the yarn loops in place while crocheting.

The second, very popular type, is a swing crochet hook. Its wavy shape sits perfectly in the hand, securing the grip and loosening the wrist. This shape, however, requires some kind of a personalization, as our hands have different sizes and shapes, so there is no such thing as a one-fits-all when it comes to the swing crochet hook. The only way to make sure this model suits you, is to try it yourself.

The third would be a slightly adjusted simple, straight crochet hook with gum or plastic handle. Those are not really shaped in a way to fit the hand, but there are other solutions implemented to make crocheting easier. Whether it is wider, flatter thumb rest, or perforated grip, those needles adjust to very specific needs of crochets.


Review of the finest tools on the market

As we now know why it is worth considering getting yourself a set of the best ergonomic crochet hooks, we should find out what the market offers and what is worth buying.

Furls Alpha Series Blackwood Handmade Crochet Hook

Material: wood
Size: 3.25-15 mm

Pros: Furls brand is known for its high-end materials and design, and they do not fail with their handmade wooden ergonomic hook. Extra smooth, but warm to the touch grip makes it easy to work with yarn, but also is light on the wrist and hand. High quality wood ensures longevity of the tool.

Cons: A high price tag might be a downer, especially if you want to build your collection entirely with Furls pieces.

Learn more on, or buy it on Etsy or Amazon.

WeCrochet Bright Crochet Hook Set

Material: plastic and aluminum
Size: 2-8 mm

Pros: Soft and lightweight grip makes it easy to crochet for hours without any pain. Different colors of each needle size help recognizing needed tools at the spot. The set contains 11 different hooks, no need to build up the collection gradually. The ergonomy of the handle is proved to be very comfortable and soothing for the hand.

Cons: They tend to have some sharp ends, which makes working with yarn difficult and it may tear it. Sometimes they snag on the yarn, because of the not so smooth top. Not a completely good price-quality ratio.

Learn more on, or buy it on


Addi Swing Crochet Hook

Material: plastic and metal
Size: 2-8 mm

Pros: A wide range of Addi swing hooks as well as their availability on the internet makes them an easy find and great tools to start with. They are known to fasten the work up while also sitting in hand perfectly.

Cons: The short crocheting head might be an issue in some projects, especially the bigger ones. It is also very important to try them in person first, as their specific shape must fit the hand’s size in order to unlock its full potential.

Buy it on Amazon separately or in set of 13 here.


Wood Handicraft Store Set of Mix Wood Handmade Crochet Hook of 7″ Length

Material: rosewood and steam beachwood
Size: 3,5-9 mm

Pros: Beautifully handcrafted in high quality wood. Hooks are well polished, facilitating the work and avoiding any damages to the yarn. Those will make a great gift, especially together with a standing wooden organizer that’s also available.

Cons: There’s always a risk that the wood will chip with time or get damaged due to extensive use and storage conditions. You might not get the specific type of wood you’d order due to material shortage.

Buy it on Etsy in the manufacturer’s store.


Rascol Crochet Softgrip Etimo Rose Tulip

Material: plastic and aluminum
Type: 2-10 mm

Pros: The Tulip hooks come in a set with a practical textile case, but you can also buy specific sizes separately. The synthetic handle has a nice soft grip, with wide and comfortable thumb rest. The price tag on those is very attractive, especially in relation to the quality. The hook is very smooth and works with yarn easily.

Cons: The specific handle ergonomics needs to fit your hand perfectly, otherwise it may hurt your thumb while using the flat section. And let’s face it, all bright pink set can be a little too much for some of us, even though they are very pretty.

Learn more on, or buy it on Amazon.


Make ergonomics work in your favour

This time we have quite a hard time choosing just one from the best ergonomic crochet hooks. It is not only because all of the reviewed items have their strengths, but also due to the ergonomic hook’s characteristics. It really has to work impeccably with a hand and wrist, which only the crafter can check and decide on.

Nonetheless, we can recommend the Wood Handicraft Store Set of Mix Wood Handmade Crochet Hook. It has so many great singularities that makes these needles special, that nobody can be indifferent to their charm. They are just so beautiful, well made, super comfortable, easy to work with, and handcrafted, which is just a special bonus. If, however, you’re a beginner, you might want to start with something more basic, like the Addi Swing Crochet Hooks. Their price tag is very attractive, yet the needles are super comfortable and make crocheting smooth. As a beginner, you might also be interested in your The Best Crochet Hooks for Beginners review, where we are helping you choose your very first crochet tools.

When choosing your ergonomic hooks, remember to really do with your gut feeling and stick to the model that truly lies perfectly in your hand. Whatever the recommendation is, you’re the final judge and the crafter behind the project, so every tool must serve you well. Make your pick and let us know what are your best ergonomic crochet hooks down in the comments section below.


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