Baby’s Dream Baby Blanket

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Free Crochet Pattern: Blanket for children Baby's Dream
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Perhaps this is the softest crochet baby blanket among the others pretty and gorgeous patterns. Use the ultra-soft Baby soft yarn which gives you the effect from the picture. Hook size nr 5.5 am. Enjoy! The link to the full article with the free crochet pattern is below. 

DESIGNED  by Hobbii Design
PROJECT TYPE baby blanket
CRAFT crochet
SKILL LEVEL beginner

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Free Crochet Pattern: Blanket for children Baby's Dream

Click on this link to read the full post and get a pattern. Or take a look at the project site here.


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  1. Thank you I finally found it but I just don’t understand why whoever runs these sites can’t just make the pattern easy to find.

    1. wouldn’t that be a novelty. I waste more time trying to find a pattern and then give up and just look for a different one . I could have a blanket done and still not find the pattern to the one I wanted.

      1. Hello there, all the patterns we post on our site are linked right below the pictures of them. Please follow those links to find desired patterns.

    1. Hi Coral! Thanks for your comment as we didn’t know that this pattern is discontinued 🙁
      But the Hobbii Team left the notice:

      If you have started the project already, but you do not have the pattern, please contact us via email – – and let us know you would like to have access to the pattern.

      Please, write them and they’ll give you this pattern.
      Sorry we can’t help you. I tired to find this pattern in archives but failed.

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