Baby Cute Cardigans Free Knit Patterns

Side Button Baby Cardigan
Hi everybody, today I would like to encourage you to make an easy cardigan for babies. Below you will find several ideas, I tried to find in the first most practical and useful, beautiful and economic in realizing. You will remark my choices 🙂  in the comments.  Enjoy! The links to the full article with the free patterns are below. 

The first is Easy Cardigan size is small and perfect to fit newborns, is in one piece. You may do it in one evening 🙂 so don’t spare your time. In one piece is knit the cardigan, starting at the back from the bottom up. The garter stitch is employed.

Absolutely amazing baby cardigan free knitting pattern
photo credits: madamulma

This amazing crochet project with a free pattern in german is here in English is below.

free pattern: the cardigan is knit in one piece

Click on this link to open the full post and get the free pattern. Save this pattern on Pinterest.

Side Button Baby Cardigan. This is a wonderful variant of the above project for children.

© Örgü Modelleri

Some Tiny Hugs Mini Kimono and Beanie Set. This small pattern set includes a small kimono that links buttons and the I The sleeve opening for fast dressing has been built for very early children, too delicate for this world, and the covering is easy to fit in.

Cute Some Tiny Hugs Mini Kimono and Beanie Set
© littleamb

The package also contains a small hat with a seed stitch and purpose button (so that the buttons are visually attached). This is a small set to fit in the palm of your hand for baby angels of up to 20 w gestation.

This design was created by Joy Boath of Skilly Skally Designs and donated to the Little Angels Memory Boxes. This pattern may be replicated by charity knitters, but don’t sell the pattern or products that are made of it. This template was designed specifically for private use and donations.

Cute Some Tiny Hugs Mini Kimono and Beanie Set
© skillyskally

Get the pattern:

Mini Kimono and Beanie

The next idea with the name Odeta comes from Garnstudio and is one of my favorites. The lace pattern and garter stitch include baby jackets and slippers. The sizes are available premature – 4 years.

photo credits: DROPS BabyMerino

and the slippers

photo credits: DROPS BabyMerino

Click on this link to open the full post and get the free pattern

This project has a name Olive You Baby and is a very classic baby cardigan for boys or girls.  You love it so much. This is knit top down if you want you could use an offset button front and cable panel.

photo credits: by mullhol

Click on this link to open a full post and get the free pattern

And the last choice is a sweet little one – huggable as can be in cute cozy teddy bear hoodie. Gorgeous cardigan knit sweater with teddy bear ears.

photo credits: Lorna Miser

Click on this link to open full post and get the free pattern


Wee Baby Set by Anne B Hanssen

Wee baby set Knit Pattern
© Anne B Hanssen
Get the pattern

Baby Cardigan


  1. I’m stuck on a pattern I got here for a baby kimono, it’s called baby cardigan – free knitting pattern, the part that says to start in the middle (neckline) Knit 1 st, k2tog, Knit 39 sts.knit 3 rows. Where do I start this? Do I rejoin the yarn at the neckline where I bo 22 sts??? Any help would be appreciated??


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